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hs_ps3's Journal

Everything Heavenly Sword
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Everything Heavenly Sword

Welcome to the first active Heavenly Sword livejournal community.

Creared 10/26/2007
Founder: babys_mother

What is Heavenly Sword?

Heavenly Sword is a video game developed by Ninja Theory
exclusively for the PlayStation 3 console and published by Sony
Computer Entertainment Europe. The game was released in
September 12, of 2007 in North America, September 14, 2007
in the United Kingdom, September 19, 2007 in Europe and
September 20, 2007 in Australia

[R U L E S]
---> Respect each other. No Drama - consider this your only warning. Okay :)
---> No advertising anything AT ALL that is NOT related to Heavenly Sword.
---> Livejournal 'cut' feature is your friend, use it. No massive icons/pictures.
---> Spoilers should remain under a cut, this includes text/image. Thank You.
---> Follow the rules according to each poster, if credit is asked, give it to'em!

Punishments upon breaking these rules will vary on the
specific situation. Multiple offenses agnest these simple
rules will result in a perminate ban. It's quite simple, be
respectful, and enjoy and everything will be just fine :)

This community is for anything really, Icons, Banners, Graphics, Help, Stories, Etc.
It will remain this way untill otherwise stated.

The Official Warriors

Founder: babys_mother

Warrior Mod: ( pebi )
(Advertising the community
Dealing with Trolls / Harassment
Like the 'security' - Must be mean)

Contest Mod: (Now Hiring)
(In Charge of the Contest. Meaning
taking managing votes/results

Banner Mod : (Now Hiring)
(Creating the banners, or 'hiring' new banner makers)

In-Game Mod: (Now Hiring)
(Specificly, someone whos beaten the game,
to help others with questions reguarding in game)

Click HERE to apply for a position.


Heavenly Sword

C o n t e s t s

Heavenly Sword Contests will be held.
As of now, the contest section is closed
due to lack of memebers and staff. :(
Considering on how the turn over rate
will be, the contests may be held
monthly, not weekly. The staff are
those who have mod rights
- to the extent they are limited.
They will help me maintain this
community, as well as keep the
spice going. Feel free to join - but
agree to the five simple rules, or
please don't bother.

Thank You
Babys _ Mother